In 1858 in Prato, in Via Ricasoli 22, Antonio Mattei opened his Biscuit factory with resale, 
and began to bake a dry almond biscuit, a recipe he developed, 
which would become the traditional Prato Almond Biscuit; 
that biscuit immediately would have crossed not only the Grand Duchy borders, but the future Italy.
As has always been the case since 1858, the production is still done in the same laboratory, 
in the thirteenth-century family building in the historic center of Prato, 
with the same love and respect of exceptional quality raw materials and artisan methods.​​​​​​​


Art Direction

Art Direction / Logo revamp



Ilaria Falorsi and I were called by Biscottificio Antonio Mattei to redesign the two commemorative tin boxes of the historic and worldwide renown Company in Prato. 
Under the art direction of Laura Meffe we created the two tins below.

The first of the two tin boxes wants to talk about the tradition of this historic family business in Prato. 
The store opened back in 1858 and still has the same location and store front as 160+ years ago. Our idea was to create a line of characters who enter for their daily shopping and leave with their delicious loot. The fun thing for us was to mix cultures and fashions that span over almost two centuries.

The whole composition hides easter eggs, some of them recognizable by a careful eye, such as the initials of the Pandolfini siblings on the cap (to name one), others understandable only to those who belongs to the Family inner circle.

The Simone Tin, initially produced in 2017 has been reprinted over and over again over the years in tens of thousands of pieces sold worldwide. At the beginning of 2021 the last remnants were sold and with the release of two new boxes—always created and by Laura Meffe, Ilaria Falorsi and I— the Simone Tin is officially 
sold out and has become to all intents and purposes a collectible.
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