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Kiehl's Loves Program Global AD 2019
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Client — Kiehl's
Art — Simone Massoni
 Agent — Helen Cowley - Dutch Uncle
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The Campaign features over 40+ layouts named after Countries and Cities
where the brand has a strong presence

I was asked to design a series of new layouts for the Kiehl’s LOVES Program, a global campaign 
involving Cities and Countries spread all around the globe. 
The concept was to create a language throughout icons with the ability of showing the places staples and landmarks, so that each layout was at the same time talking global and local.

Kiehl’s is an American Cosmetic brand retailer. It started as a single pharmacy 
in Manhattan at Third Avenue and East 13th Street in 1851. 
The New York allure and some brand’s staples as the Mr Bones Mascotte and 
the Harley Davidson motorcycle had to be shown in each layout and get along
with a new set of icons depicting and representing the different places.

Each layout had to work as standalone image 
and then be broken down to pieces to help the local markets 
making merchandise of various genres and shapes.

Local markets were able to produce gift boxes and merchandise depending on their targeted customers. Some of them worked in a very creative way, like the Italian branch who built a Pizza Box full of selected Kiehl's skin creams and lotions. The Japanese branch worked with local crafters from Kyoto to make a limited series of Furoshiki, the Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used 
to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods.

I also flew to my beloved city, New York, to shot this promotional video for the launch of the campaign.
Other than a real board-game build from scratch, few live events and lot of fun and sweat,
this really was an overall exceptional experience, by all means.

Selection of artworks published in the past few years on magazines and newspapers including The New Yorker, Vogue, The New York Times, Boston Globe, GQ, Times, Washington Post, L'Espresso, Wired and many others.
Magazines & Newspapers
Eight 'holidays related' covers commissioned by Facebook to customize at best your very special events.
Christmas Campaign 'Gifts All Wrapped Up' for the Mr Porter/Net-A-Porter brand including a series of characters interacting with objects and a 1 minute animation used to launch the campaign.
MrPorter / Net-A-Porter
CYRANO DE BERGERAC, selected artworks.
Selection of spots illustrations made for The New Yorker.
The New Yorker
Selection of 10 spots illustrations made for The New Yorker special Food issue.
The New Yorker
Product/Label Design
Redesign to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the historic Family Company from Prato.
Biscottificio Antonio Mattei
GQ's Advertorial Series
For four issues of the German GQ's Mag I've recently had the pleasure to collab with Art director Jana Meier-Roberts for this special section of the mag. What was asked was to do the so-called Advertorial, which means Brand product placement into editorial pieces. For four straight months I was asked to take care of the Men Of The Year section and make original contents under Jana's careful art direction playing with brands such as Hugo Boss, Volkswagen, Regent Hotel Berlin & Grey Goose.
A true love story between the two things I'm most passionate about: illustration & typography. All time classics typefaces meet their gracious soul-mates.
Typography & Pin-Ups
12 Illustrious characters who has lived and contributed to the Florentine Renaissance portrayed to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the prestigious Costi&Poggiali printing house. A calendar has been printed is a luxurious Savile Row Plain (color Camel) 300gsm.
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